Open Government Partnership(OGP) NAF CENTRe

Hello people, I had the privilege to represent Phelyn Skill at Open Government Partnership, held at NAF Centre, today. I will like to share a little idea on OGP as I promised earlier on. You may be wandering what OGP means? it’s an Open Government Partnership, which comprises of International multi-stakeholder global coalition of reformers from Government and Civil society, working to make Government transparent, participatory and accountable, to truly serve and empower citizens. Nigeria joined OGP as the 70th member in July 2016. The OGP was launched to provide an international platform for domestic reformers ( Government, Civil Society, Private Sector) to make Government more open, accountable and responsible to Citizens. The fundamental principles of OGP includes: Accountability, Citizen Participation, Technology and Innovation. More insights on OGP will come your way later, as we progress. Enjoy the rest of your evening!

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