Hello people,
It was a great day seeing our women excited! Phelyn and her Team was at WASA IDP settlement today, to train the women on one their chosen skills, which is Cosmetology.
We visited WASA Camp in September, it was on that day that they chose two skills that they’ll like to learn, this includes Cosmetology, cake, and pastries. During our interaction with the women, they narrated their ordeal. They feel neglected as people tends to forget their presence. WASA is far from the twon and somehow isolated, that’s, from my own point of view. The tendency that this IDP camp will not been known or remembered by people is high.
Each time they receive visitors, they’re always excited because they only receive visitors once in while.
We were privileged to have NTA and Guardian Newspaper cover the event and also interviewed the women.
The training continues tomorrow and more news to come, stay tuned! A big shout out to Phelyn Team and all the volunteers that participated making today’s training a success! We couldn’t have been this successful without your support. One more thing, the children in the camp needs our support and Love! If you’re in Abuja, kindly reach out to them. Some of them are Orphans and needs our support. Thanking you in advance as you reach out to the needy.

Here are some pictures as we arrived the venue and when the women were undergoing the training.

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